lunedì 5 ottobre 2015

Van Vlerken and Plese win IRONMAN Barcelona

FINALLY. David Pleše celebrates winning IRONMAN Barcelona with a new course record of 08:02:20. He achieved his former personal best (8:02:54) at the 2014 IRONMAN Austria (Alex Caparros/Getty Images for IRONMAN)

IRONMAN Barcelona

Dutch dynamo Yvonne van Vlerken shows no signs of slowing down. Only two months after crowning herself the first female champion of the new IRONMAN Maastricht-Limburg, the 36-year-old won IRONMAN Barcelona with an impressive time of 8:46:44, beating Kaisa Lehtonen of Finland to make the top podium. It wasn't the only reason to celebrate as boyfriend Per Bittner crossed the finish line in third position. However all eyes were on Slovenian David Pleše who had a career race: new course record, new personal best and his first ever IRONMAN win. 

1.Van Vlerken, YvonneNED00:59:5704:41:2803:02:4808:46:44
2.Lehtonen, KaisaFIN00:53:2204:46:4103:05:3408:48:40
3.Gruber, ElisabethAUT01:00:1904:48:3403:02:1208:54:03
4.Mullan, EimearIRE01:00:1104:48:4403:04:5508:56:51
5.Dogana, MartinaITA01:00:0104:49:0303:13:4009:05:30

1.Plese, DavidSLO00:50:3904:25:2802:43:3808:02:20
2.Blokhin, AntonUKR00:47:4504:19:0602:56:1808:05:50
3.Bittner, PerGER00:47:4404:19:2802:56:3708:06:23
4.Baertsch, MauroSUI00:51:1204:26:2802:49:5308:10:25
5.Brydenbach, TimBEL00:47:3404:23:4102:56:3008:10:34
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